Smart Dent is a user-friendly solution offering advanced filtering option, accurate expedited diagnostics,
automated report generation, and secure cloud storage with sharing capabilities.

Superior Speed

Documentation is a time consuming and an error-prone process. Smart Dent automates the entire documentation process helping dentists save time and enhancing precision through its accurate expedited diagnostics feature. It analyses the panoramic image and generates an automated report in a matter of seconds using its inbuilt advanced machine learning algorithm.

Increased Revenue

Smart Dent helps clinics to recognize untapped revenue by identifying undiagnosed dental conditions of a patient, again, through its machine learning algorithm. Additionally, the smart UI enables the dentists to effectively communicate and interact with patients, facilitating a dialogue between the parties regarding a premature treatment plan.

Higher quality

Smartdent can generate the required documentation and also securely share the dental images and the related documents through secure links and the doctors and can view the image and the related documents through cloud-based viewer.

Inbuilt Radiology Features

All essential tools required by a radiologist have been embedded within the platform in form of image regulation features such as - Image Manipulation, Rotation, Gama Filter, Zoom Option, Brightness & Contrast Regulation.

Document Sharing Capabilities

Smart Dent can securely share all documents and images that are generated through a secure link and enabling the dentists to view them through a cloud-based platform.

The DICOM edge

Smart Dent can be seamlessly integrated with any imaging device and it can then interact with the embedded image acquisition software through the DICOM interface.

Auto-Summarized Diagnosis Report

The solution’s advanced graphic tool feature summarizes the findings on a designated page for the dentist to review and finalize. The feature also provides an option to add, remove and change findings manually before the report is finalized.