Meet our Smartdent team

The Smartdent team is a well-balanced and the mix of computer scientists, dentists as well as business professionals.

Our History

  • Humers identified a problem 2017

    Humers Company was providing various solutions for its clients through its four global suppliers including Agfa healthcare, Acteon, Cefla and Belmont. Humers identified a common problem with our clients, and it was a lack of automated solutions to diagnose the dental images and generate the required reports. An accurate and fast diagnosis is a major pain point for large clinics with heavy patient loads.
  • Smartdent founded 2018

    The identified problem in the dental clinics made us think about a new automated solution to solve the lack of availability of the smart diagnostic tool for dentists. The advancement of artificial intelligence combined with our expertise in the digital dental imaging market leads to Smartdent company birth.
  • Seed money invested 2019

    Homer's Company invested seed money in the Smartdent. The first version of the product designed and developed and the pilots rolled out to the key opinion leaders and reference doctors in Iran.
  • Smart dent raised investment 2020

    Fajr medical group the lead investor in emerging medical equipment systems invested in Smart Dent and Smart Dent office in Mazandaran Province officially lunched in 2020.
  • 2021Remote Customer Survey in Canada

    We conducted a remote customer survey in Canada to gather valuable insights from the local market and determine the best strategy for expanding our reach in the region.
  • 2022Adjusting Smart Dent Technology

    Based on the feedback received from the customer survey, in 2022, we adjusted the Smart Dent technology to include an AI-powered risk assessment component. This enhancement provides dentists with more accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.
  • 2023First Contract Signed in Canada and Angel Investment Received

    We signed our first contract in Canada and received an angel investment from a Canadian investor. This is a significant milestone for Smart Dent, and we are excited to continue expanding our reach and providing innovative solutions for the dental industry.
  • 2024Successful Investment Round and Rapid Growth

    Smart Dent successfully completed a major investment round in Canada, marking a significant boost in our journey. With the integration of cutting-edge generative AI technology, we are experiencing rapid growth and expansion. This advancement enables us to offer even more sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options, further revolutionizing the dental industry and solidifying our position as a leading innovator.